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Clyde (red Scottish Colley)

Nick Vujicic is a young man who was born without any arms or legs. He

there s a lot of noise out there about best practices for marketers

Too much success gets you resting on your laurels and creates a kind

its too much Jefferson mycap im about to explode OK I CANT HANDLE

So how is your non-weekend Wednesday going?


am an advocate for eating breakfast breakfast does not

Sociopath World: Sociopath quotes: alien

Cleaning Quotes and Emmaculate Reflections | Emmaculate Reflections

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bought all the ingredients, minus the cheese, at Costco)

Assalaamualaikum wr wb sisters,

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in the studio part 2 read the radio interview the best of stevie ray

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love this one! Heard it first from my friend, Kid President! :)

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