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The best thing Ive ever made is also my biggest treasure and source

Nothing shall part us in our love till Thanatos (Death) at his

ao Teh Ching or Dao De Ching of Lao Tse

the great Tao is otten, goodness and piet by Laozi Like Success

The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for

Lao Tzu Quotes On Life. QuotesGram

tree that is unbending, is easily broken. by Laozi Like Success

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Ce Dragon sympa c 39 est probablement Laozi qui offre une fleur Kongzi

Taoism Quotes Tao of business success (yin

people see some things as good, other things by Laozi Like Success

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Lao Tzu Quotes On Life. QuotesGram