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Studies Show That The Leading Cause Of Disappointment Is Giving A Fuck

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miss you damn damn much and really want to meet you FOR ONCE .

Aaliyah Diane Haughton 2001 American Red Ribbon Awards - Tribute To

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Fat People Are A Threat To The Planet

From Jess: This dirty text was meant to be sent to my boyfriend and I


Here are the 50 most popular autocorrects of the entire year! Thank

Religious Math Jokes

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Images) 52 Motivational Picture Quotes For An Epic Year Of Success

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Give up on

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47 pm Life Line Join this group! Its fantastic! Polls, fun quotes

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25 Funniest Autocorrects Of DYACs First Year - Damn You Auto Correct

After fifty everything that doesn’t hurt doesn’t work!

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